Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A variety o' stuff...

This is a trailer for a Timon and Pumbaa educational video "Wild About Safety: Safety Smart On The Go". I animated 4 scenes back-to-back, which start @ 1:31 -

Here's a traditionally animated spot I worked on for Lucky

This is a short that was posted on Looney Tunes Online - animated traditionally, hand-inked, and composited in Flash. I traditionally animated 90% of the dialogue scenes.

A raven I animated as a test for a "stylized" commercial....

Here's the final -

These are pencil tests I did for a DisneyTV pilot called "Stevie Sanchez" which is similar to "Lizzie McGuire"- Lip sync was to be determined, which is why there's no mouths...

Here's the final composite for the test above...

Here's the final composite for the test above...

A few scenes I did key layout. inbetweening, clean-up and some FX work for "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" -

A collection of NCAA spots I did animation on for ESPN -

From MTV's Cartoon Sushi - I animated the scene where Broccoli says "Where you are going is inconsequential to me..."

Beavis and Butt-Head on David Letterman - I animated their fight, starting at 5:48 -

From Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, this is the uncut Hallucination sequence, animated in-house. I animated 3 scenes in this sequence - @ 01:09 - 01:21, 01:42 - 01:46, and 02:27 - 02:28 -

"The Name is Bootsy, Baby" is a pilot produced by MTV Animation featuring the music and voice of funk legend Bootsy Collins. I was the Layout Supervisor and Layout Artist on this project.

This is an MTV station ID I directed and co-animated.

The opening titles for Fox's Spider-Man series - I animated Hobgoblin, Rhino and Venom -

I inbetweened a variety of scenes from this "Saturday Night Live" spoof -

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